Degrowth as an element of a socio-ecological transformation

The currently dominant development model of expansionary capitalism is based on the exploitation of finite and emissions-intensive resources, a one-sided fixation on growth with excessive consumption and unacceptable distributive injustice. This has led to constantly increasing greenhouse gas emissions, severe damage to the environment and the climate and a dramatic over-exploitation of both finite raw materials and also freely available resources such as the atmosphere and the water supply, which is becoming ever scarcer in many regions. The adverse consequences of this development model, at least for the moment, are making their presence felt most strikingly in the least developed countries, but the poorer population strata in emerging countries and in the so-called developed countries are increasingly affected. In these countries scarcity is less evident only because it is compensated for by access to resources, labour and emission budgets from developing countries.

To the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung a key task for the future is to supersede the current unsustainable economic and development model and to reorganise, making our economic systems socially inclusive, low-emission and resource-conserving. This applies to both the North and the South because existing models everywhere have to be transformed into socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable economic systems. At the same time, transformation has to be cooperative and global, balancing the interests of both North and South. The FES supports the debate on what such a balancing could look like through a variety of dialogue processes, among other things within the framework of degrowth debates.

Thus the FES was represented at the fourth international Degrowth Conference in Leipzig and this year supported the Degrowth Summer School in Erkelenz, from 9 to 14 August.

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